Straight line: How many points are needed to make a straight line?

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straight line
A straight line is likely to intercept the axes

Equation of a straight line

In order to determine the equation and the graph of a straight line you just need two conditions. It could be two points, or one point and the slope, or intercepts from the axes etc.

If a straight lines passes through points (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) then the equation of the line is as follows:


If a line passes through point (x1, y1) and has the slope of value m, then its equation is:


If a straight line has intercepts of values a, b respectively from X and Y axes then its equation would be:


Now if a straight line has a distance of p from the origin and the perpendicular line-segment from the origin to it makes an angle of Q with the positive X-axis, then its equation is:


As you can see from the above analysis that two conditions are enough to determine a straight line.

Now I am going to create a philosophy of the above example. A person’s character is like a straight line, with a very few exceptions. Suppose you get introduced with a new person; you may find him a nice person, or an average one. Before you finally trust him/her with something, be sure to check him at least twice. Pretend that you assigned him something. If he repeat the same kind of mistake, then you can conclude that he is an erroneous person. If you trust someone with something and find that he breaks your trust twice, then surely he’s a person not to be trusted.

Personal experience stating the reason for bringing this up

I present this example because recently I have gone through an experience which very much resembles the straight-line case. The person who disappointed me is none other than my FIL. Back in 2011 I graduated and joined a publications company, everything was going fine for me. That’s when my FIL advised me to leave that job and promised to get me a better one. I listened to him, but he was unable to fulfill his promise (couldn’t find me a job that he promised). I was very frustrated and financially devastated for a couple of months. However I recovered myself and found myself a new job.

Recently I relied on my FIL for another matter. He has been repeatedly suggesting me to buy some land now that I have some money in my hand. I listened to him. After all I gotta ensure my wife’s and my child’s future (recently I became a father). So I asked my FIL to find me some suitable land, he did that. Although the land is pure and not at all controversial, but the owner might not be. My FIL proposed me to make some ‘advance payment’ and then at a later time pay the rest of the money. I agreed to do that and paid the advance money.

The problem is that the ‘advance deed’ was a open one and now-a-days no open (unregistered) deed is accepted at court. So at the end of three months period (as depicted in the deed) I can’t possibly legally put pressure on the owner lady to accept the rest of the money and thus register the land in my name.

The conclusion and decision

This time too I got caught because of my FIL, because he should’ve known that no open deeds are accepted at court now-a-days. Now I’m running the risk of losing my advance money which is a pretty big amount for me. Then again I can lodge a money-suit against that lady if she tries to play very tricky. The point is that I’m never going to trust and rely on my FIL again. Like a straight line I’ve got two points about him and now I am able to draw that line which would depict his character: HE’S NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

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